from the land

The name De La Terre references our instinctive need for the natural environment around us.
It reminds us to come back to basics and reconnect.  It celebrates imperfection and finds beauty in the simple.
In design, it sets the challenge to rethink and create from a place of awareness and care.

De La Terre is botanical styling with a vision for stepping lightly on our environment.



simplicity & honesty

“We are harking back to primitive aesthetics that
celebrate the imperfections of natural materials and
highlight our current yearning for simplicity and honesty.”

- Rethink. The Way You Live by Amanda Talbot



makers touch

De La Terre's floral stylists and green thumbed artisans
have a less-is-more approach when it comes to design.

Understated elegance is their natural style and highlighting
the beauty of nature is what they love.