Just after a few paragraphs here that are personable and give some insight. Did a really quick brain dump here for you…

Love for flowers from a young age. Dutch grandparents / tulips in their house, framed pictures on their walls. Young girl - walk past florist shops mesmerized by the art of creating with fresh flowers. Went to a workshop as a teenager and the passion grew from there. Natural ability for colour and design. Went to a european design school based in Perth, WA and trained under German Master Florists.


  • Much more comfortable behind the scenes

  • Passionate about simple living

  • Devoted mum to 16 year old son who is such a gentleman. Extremely proud of him. Very close.

  • Live - by the bay in the beautiful south west (mindful of privacy here)

  • Health over hustle / Balance / Only taking on jobs that align with values and fit in with family needs

  • Being in the forest is absolutely my treasured place. Its where I feel peace, get perspective, remember the meaning of life. Standing amongst giants, rooted and grounded so deeply, growing tall and strong through all types of weather… its an anology to life that I reflect on a lot.

  • Heritage: Come from a family of creatives. European heritage. Dutch grandfather was a painter. English grandfather was a woodworker. Mother is an illustrator / clothing designer. Father and brother are designers/builders in manufacturing industry. All creative thinkers who work with their hands.


  • Over 12 years of seasoned experience and qualified skills.

  • Trained under German Master Florists.

  • Exceptionally detailed utilising skilled techniques

  • Stay relevant by attending industry workshops and training

  • When I do something I do it well - Designing, business practices etc.

  • Business Award Finalist 2018 and 2019 winners still to be announced.