The Beerfarm is a favourite venue for us... character to its rafters,
great vibes, good fun and an awesome A-Team working to bring your special day together.

We know the farm extremely well and how to best bring out its features with an added fresh touch.

Completing the form below will help us get to know you more and give us
a good understanding on how we can best assist you.

We value and appreciate your time in sharing the details of your wedding
and ensure confidentiality at all times.

We have great options to choose from for ceremony locations. Here are just a few.
The main space utilised is generally the main shed however you do have the option of hiring a tee-pee or marquee and utilising the lower grassed area.
Other than our awesome A-Team, who else do you have involved in your day?
Provide the link here. Other work is useful as a source of inspiration however we do not replicate and focus on creating something unique to you.
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We have great ideas for bringing out the best of our spaces for the reception but to start, what did you have in mind?
Floral and botanical designs *
Here is a selection of features we can offer (and certainly not limited to this).
Suspended designs suit the Beer Farm rafters to a T! This is definitely our speciality and we can bring the wow-factor with large features that float above your guests. We can even incorporate lighting into these designs! If this is something you're interested in, share your thoughts below.
Provide a basic description of what you and your bridal party are wearing. Colours, style. This helps give us direction for the florals.
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