It was a few years ago, as I hurried to a creatives workshop in Fremantle, that I walked (ok I was running) toward the entrance of the Old Myer Building to make it on time.  I was relieved to see a few other ladies just arriving along with me.  We shared in the fact we knew no one there so put each other at ease and sat together.  As we waited for the workshop to begin, we exchanged the usual pleasantries and found that we all had similar interests and focus.

One of these ladies and fellow workshop goers was Ines Pandzic.  On first meeting Ines, I noted her unique accent, kind manner and really long hair!  Being someone who is drawn to authenticity and kindness in people, my impression was that she felt the same way and we got to chatting more.

In remembering that day and considering the potential that stems from chance meetings, I reflect on how the pursuit of dreams, combined with utilising natural abilities and opportunities when they present... sets us on a path to bloom, grow and make genuine connections where you least expect it.

From what you will see of Ines online... a skilled photographer, writer and baker she is but there is another layer to Ines that can be admired and most definitely inspired by.  Ines is an accomplished Psychologist and Lecturer at UWA who just happens to be studying for her PhD.  Her love for simplicity in life, nature and sustainable living is a common thread we share and its great to work alongside each other.  Many of the images on my website are by Ines.

So! I'm drawing the spotlight on the person behind the photos.  Why?  Because acknowledging the genuinely lovely friends we meet in life and valuing their natural abilities... well its just nice to do.  Ines, this ones for you.

Visit Ines' website to see her photography (a few images below), enjoy a quality read through her blog and glean some valuable tips on life (and healthy baking!).