DE LA TERRE:  Pronounced du-lah-tair. Meaning 'of the earth' or 'from the land' in French.

Our name references an instinctive need for the natural environment around us and reminds us to come back to basics and reconnect.  It reflects a modest way and grounds us in what we believe.

We believe in living with purpose.  We believe in having eco-conscious roots and stepping lightly on the earth.  We love feeling small walking amongst the giants in a forest.  We believe places like this are worthy of protecting.  We believe that just as the beauty of nature is constant; so is God who made it.

We believe in the calm that wanders through a forest can bring, where the noise of a fast paced society quietens, and we remember whats important.  And, we feel honoured to create spaces that echo this, especially for a day as special as a someones wedding.

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